Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, also known as The Tibetan, taught about Rays 1 through 7 through the books of Alice A. Bailey published by Lucis Trust organization. He later brought Rays 8 through 12 through Janet McClure at The Tibetan Foundation, Inc. DK continued his work with the Rays through Rev. Terri Newlon of in the form of The 12 Ray Attunements, Positive Aspect Only.

This profound body of work took one year to create. . . read more

Rev. Terri Newlon would channel Djwhal Khul's RAY ATTUNEMENT of the month to a test group at the rate of only one per month throughout the year of 2005. "DK" also created the I-Ching in his incarnation as Confucius, and the famed volumes of work known as the AAB material.

Most of these attunements were delivered to just a few DK students by private session with Rev. Terri Newlon. Some of them were offered in group format only. Note: Terri no longer offers Ray Attunements by private session. She is working on the next level of World Service, and Global Distribution of the DK Teachings. She does teach and certify others in Ray Attunements.

Originally, The 12 Ray Attunements came through strategically in the order shown below, beginning with the 4th Ray Green for Harmony and World Peace, and ending with the 10th Ray Pearlescent Pink-White for magnetizing the Light of the Soul to Humanity for Soul Merge.

Original Ray Attunement order: 4, 1, 7, 9, 12, 6, 11, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10

A minimum of 3 days is suggested for integration before proceeding to the next attunement, unless you are already attuned and are deepening the process with repetition.

If you have been through the entire attunement sequence before, you can do the attunements any time you feel it is appropriate for you to do so, and in any order.

Many healers and artists now use this work. Credit to the source is always appreciated.

All rights reserved. © 2005 - present Terri Newlon Inc. read less

Benefits of the Ray Attunements in Original order given. . . Download PDF

The 12 Ray Attunement MP3 Download
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Fourth Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the first of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Fourth Ray ~ Green ~ Harmony
More Info4th Ray Green ~ HARMONY: I CREATE HARMONY. I MANIFEST HARMONY. I AM HARMONY. A gentle teaching of how to clear conflict from past, present and future, and replace it with Harmony only. This is a technique that can be practiced over and over. DK then invokes the higher octaves of Harmony, which represents future use of the Ray. These are fully anchored in all four bodies, then the bodies are synchronized, and the ray is anchored again. This attunement leaves you feeling very good, and in tune or harmony with your environment and all of Creation.
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First Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the second of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The First Ray ~ Red ~ Divine Will
More Info1st Ray RED ~ DIVINE WILL: I SERVE DIVINE WILL. I MANIFEST DIVINE WILL. I AM DIVINE WILL. DK guides you through a process of understanding how misconceptions about Divine Will get formed, from the primitive beliefs about an eclipse, to religious and metaphysical programming. He then talks about times when personal will is used to override the Soul's Design, such as living a life time as a farmer when the Soul incarnated to be a traveler, etc. Both areas of misconception are cleared using the "Consciousness, where have we stored. . ." technique. DK then attunes the third eye, throat and heart chakras, and creates a laser beam of pink-red light to keep one aligned as Will.
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Seventh Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the third of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Seventh Ray ~ Violet ~ Divine Manifestation
More Info7th Ray VIOLET ~ DIVINE MANIFESTATION: I AM DIVINE MANIFESTATION. I AM TRANSFORMATION IN PERFECTION. In this attunement, DK addresses old patterns of misuse of power, reckless creation, denial or betrayal of Self, and the belief that transformation equals destruction. The consciousness is cleared of these old patterns. The bodies are attuned, synchronized, and re-attuned. Balances Power, Wisdom and Spirituality. Helps Humanity realize their power to do good. Invokes Divine Law and Order.
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Ninth Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the fourth of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Ninth Ray ~ Blue-Green ~ Exquisite Joy
More Info9th Ray BLUE -GREEN ~ EXQUISITE JOY: I AM EXQUISITE JOY! 999 999 999! JOY! JOY! JOY! I CREATE JOY! What a wonderful service gifted by the Cosmic Christed energy. DK asks the body, and all levels of consciousness, "Where have we stored sorrow, grief, pain and fear of the future?" We let it go, and then "create joy" in its place. The skin is attuned in the positive aspect, being the largest organ and best absorption for this ray. Get a nice boost of joy anytime, hold it in your field, and observe who joins you in this light.
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Twelfth Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the fifth of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Twelfth Ray ~ Gold ~ Inner Wisdom
More Info12th Ray GOLD ~ INNER WISDOM: ALL WISDOM IS WITHIN. I KNOW. PRESENT, HERE, NOW. To prepare for this attunement, DK calls forth the five higher rays in sequential order, giving a brief description of each. A large column of gold light is established through the bodies and into the Earth. DK clears the neutral aspect of in waiting for wisdom and the negative aspect of not knowing the answers or deferring to the wisdom of others. The Spiritual Umbrella of Protection from the Hierarchy is then constructed, and Cosmic Christed Gold flows through you to all sentient beings.
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Sixth Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the sixth of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Sixth Ray ~ Indigo ~ Devotion
More Info6th Ray INDIGO ~ DEVOTION: I AM DEVOTED TO THE PATH OF WORLD PEACE. DK once again uses a creative way to clear from your collective lives, and from the group consciousness we share as Humanity. We clear and denounce future attachment to dogma, fanaticism, intolerance, prejudge, escapism, the denial of feeling or that all of Creation is sentient, and the perception that one is cut off from Creation. The positive aspect of Indigo increases creativity 1,000 fold. Raw ideas from the Spiritual Plane are given to those who hold this ray. The exercise is to write them down, or say them out loud, so that they will become manifest by any member of Humanity.
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Eleventh Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the seventh of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Eleventh Ray ~ Pink-Orange ~ Universal Knowledge
More Info11th Ray PINK-ORANGE ~ UNIVERSAL WISDOM: MY CELLS CONTAIN THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE. AS SPIRIT, HOW CAN I? This ray anchors Universal Knowledge at the cellular level. It is the color seen in some flower petals where pink and orange blend together. DK loves this color! The use of negative or fear based knowledge is cleared, and one experiences the ability to expand into the Oneness. The secondary use of this ray is also joyful living.
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Second Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the eighth of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Second Ray ~ Blue ~ Love-Wisdom
More Info2nd Ray BLUE ~ LOVE-WISDOM: I AM DIVINE LOVE. The theme of the Universe is Love. The common lesson that we all share. DK uses a magnetic field collapse technique to eliminate the polarization between love and hate, or love and fear. Five tubes of light are gifted through the crown chakra, bringing greater ability to ignore polarization tactics used by others, to see the Soul Incarnate rather than the personality, to realize which emotions are your own and release that which is not, to help manifest Divine Love through harmlessness in the same fashion as the Spiritual Hierarchy, and to recognize Self as a Spirit Spark.
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Third Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the ninth of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Third Ray ~ Yellow ~ Divine Intelligence
More Info3rd Ray Yellow ~ DIVINE INTELLIGENCE: I AM DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS CREATING ORGANIZED MATTER. This ray speeds up the evolutionary process. Five bodies are attuned, and the Soul's Purpose for this Incarnation is activated. Most of Humanity is using the neutral aspect, or unaware of a Divine Plan. The negative aspect, which is also cleared, deals with the brain not cooperating with greater consciousness, and the desire to create chaos. The positive aspect brings in the automatic organization of Spirit and Matter. DK indicates that Divine Intelligence is carried in the water molecule, thus the body is mostly water, the planet is mostly water, and the Universe is truly a liquid flow.
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Fifth Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the tenth of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Fifth Ray ~ Orange ~ Divine Place Clarified
More Info5th Ray ORANGE ~ DETAILS OF THE DIVINE PLAN IN TIME AND SPACE: I AM THE DIVINE PLAN; IN ACTION, UNFOLDING, COMPLETED. In this attunement, the use of the Divine Will First Ray is used, as the motion of the change of the orange color is constantly bringing one into alignment with Creation. It increases the ability to discriminate between real and non-real, helps move the brain into Oneness, assists with the liberation of Humanity from pain and suffering, and helps to clarify one's specific facilitation of the Divine Plan. A lovely exercise with the third eye is given, where one brings back details of a peaceful future. Marigold (also known as calendula) seeds, flowers, and ointment are suggested.
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Eighth Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the eleventh of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Eighth Ray ~ Green-Violet ~ Purify and Manifest
More Info8th RAY GREEN-VIOLET ~ POWER, MONEY, MANIFESTATION AND PURIFICATION: 888! 888! 888! I AM FOCUSED MOMENTUM. Helps create the ease in manifesting anything that furthers the Spiritual Path or Life Purpose. Clears the “going in circles without a permanent breakthrough” and fears of money, power, and recognition. The positive aspect is an acceptance of One’s own Inner Power, with an ongoing purification to keep One’s focus on the Path of Service. MP3 Download - $20 Add to cart
Tenth Ray Attunement MP3 Download
This is the twelfth of the Twelve Ray Attunements available now as an MP3 download: The Tenth Ray ~ Pearlescent Pink-White ~ Soul Merge
More Info10th RAY ~ PEARLESCENT PINK-WHITE: THE LIGHT OF THE SOUL IS DRAWN TO HUMANITY. DK uses the full body to anchor the positive aspects of this ray, which include the ability to magnetize the light of the Soul to Humanity. One's life is arranged so that the Soul's Design is able to take hold and fully manifest. The rising sign or ascendant in the birth chart becomes more dominant, and balances the sun sign qualities. The neutral and negative aspects that are cleared include the lack of desire to develop the personality, and the over-identification of "I create my own reality" that causes shame and blame.
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