Djwhal Khul Spirituality Article
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon
(Complimentary every week)

"2017 Focus"

January 5, 2017

(Channeling begins)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. Focus for 2017, which I have titled “The Year of Surprises and Changes” is that literally things could surprise you and change very, very quickly. So your focus is going to be on positive change or progressive movement, things that better the existence for all of Humanity, and of course, your Animal companions and wildlife and marine life and all life forms on the planet really.

I want to say also that as a Lightworker you may want to have a single word focus for your year.

It might be “Love”
It might be “Peace”
It might be “Power”
It might be “Change”
It might be “Health”

Find a one word focus that is your intention for the year and simply put power into that. Chant it, write it, have fun with it.  

Alright Dear Ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

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