Djwhal Khul Spirituality Article
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon
(Complimentary every week)

"Detoxing the Spiritual Body"

March 7, 2013

(Channeling begins)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. I consider this New Moon marking Tibetan New Year or Losar in a very important time frame. We’re coming up upon the Christed Full Moon, which is of course the white light of Christed consciousness, that is the full potential of humanity. I’m not talking about one being but rather the Christed energy or the Christed consciousness.

That’s then followed by the Full Moon of Wesak and then the Full Moon of Humanity so the three sacred moons are upon us and it is a time to begin to detox on all levels of consciousness.

Now gently on the physical body. Also gently on your emotional body and you will find that the physical body is sort of trying to wind things out of there that it’s been holding on to. So for example, if you’ve always had trouble with the sacrum it’s probably giving you a bit more trouble right now, etc., headaches, again toxins trying to get out of the body.

So plenty of water, maybe charcoal tablets to nullify toxins and pull them out of the body a different way, supplements like MSM, also a good cellular detox. So just go gently though. Now detoxing on the mental body is also happening.

And today I am going to talk about detoxing the spiritual body because when you don’t get the toxins out, things come back. It’s much like if you’re attempting to lose weight, you can lose the weight but if the toxins didn’t leave the body, the weight will come back on. So we want toxins out.

The spiritual body is exceptionally flexible and it does follow commands. So as a spiritual being, you can tap into your own spiritual body and then just dismiss toxins. So it is a command really, a very loving command.

Notice what happens. Do you get a sensation of your knees twinging or do you feel something draining? Each time that you go in as a spiritual being, into the spiritual body… another way of saying that is that you’re actually occupying the spiritual body rather than being distracted by the physical or the emotional, etc. So if you are putting your focus or your attention into your spiritual body and then just giving it the command to dismiss the toxins, and of course breathe and let it flow.

Water is also very good for this process. If you can put your feet in some water or do it while you’re standing in the shower or taking a bath, or whatever, the hydrogen component in the H2O is going to help rapidly transform the detox of the spiritual body.

Alright Dear Ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

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