Djwhal Khul Spirituality Article
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon
(Complimentary every week)

"Holy Smokes!"

April 17, 2014

(Channeling begins)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. I was looking for a simple title for all of the occurrences this week and the only one I can come up with is “Holy Smokes!”.

We have made it through the Full Moon of the Christ, the first of four blood moons and the energies are still strong. They get more and more profound as we go through here. So we have Easter of course impacting that; then we have number 5 of 7 of the Uranus-Pluto squares the very next day. Then we have Earth Day, the end of Passover. And then the very next day the Cardinal Grand Cross.

So this is the kind of week where really it can all fall apart and come back together again or it could just all come together.

I’d say take advantage of the couple days of lull time going into it to really get centered in your own heart, to awaken your Christed energy. Take care of details around the house. Rest a little more than normal. And enjoy Creation however that looks to you: it might be walking the dog, or dining in a nice restaurant, or something. But do something enjoyable with gratitude and really work with kind of an inner peaceful feeling because it could be extremely chaotic on a global scale.

And I’m also looking in the Heavens; I see another solar disruption coming and a few other things that are quite profound and could affect weather patterns or they talk about when the Sun could send something forth. Everything in the solar system pings back to the Sun so we have a response basically that comes from earth back toward the Sun in one way or another.  I expect there to be a pretty strong one during this week.

Alright Dear Ones. So Holy Smokes! Hold on to your presence and do your best to enjoy the ride.

As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

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