Djwhal Khul Spirituality Article
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon
(Complimentary every week)

"Rise Above Smoke and Mirrors"

July 2, 2015

(Channeling begins)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. Well I think that really what is building here is I want to say smoke and mirrors around military operations, terrorism, safety.

Literally when I look at it on the Inner Plane it’s like billowing smoke masking things. Too hard to see through or cut through. Maybe even in the classic way that smoke can make you not hear, not smell, not sense as well as not see.

So what I want to do is a little exercise here. We’re really sort of in the spiritual plane realm so you want to kind of send your consciousness up where you go to a tree top or something and then dangle downward a little bit, maybe even towards the mental plane to take a look above all this billowing to see what is really there.

And truthfully all you might see is a lot of smoke and can’t really tell what else is going on but spiritually keep practicing that you want to side step the smoke and mirrors and just really feel kind of deep within your own consciousness what is real, what is truth, is there actual danger or not and definitely avoid getting caught up in frenzies.

So that is my advice for this week. As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

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