Djwhal Khul Spirituality Article
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon
(Complimentary every week)

"Success Programming"

August 20, 2009

(Channeling begins)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. I am rather excited because we have a New Moon in Leo, a very powerful, powerful, event, and specifically for Lightworkers it is a chance to start really successful projects. So we are doing a “Success Tele-seminar” on the New Moon. It is available for a while live, recorded, transcribed and you can also get a CD of it if you want. So if you want to see that, it’s at and click on Tele-seminar, it’s on the right, or if you are listening to it quite a bit later, maybe try the audio or the written downloads.

Now, vibrationally, the term “Success”, just saying it as a word, is very important. So when you say the word “Success”, if it produces any kind of side effect in your consciousness like a little wallop in the gut or you find yourself squinting when you say it or your voice drops off, “successssss”, and you sound depressed or something, then that is a sign that it is not the right word for you to use.

These things are important because, say, the word “Money” or “Cash flow” or “Wealth” represent different things. So if the subconscious mind is triggered by a negative memory or some negative programming or something that is still in there, the word simply won’t work for you. Switch it out.

Find another word that does. Now for example, “Success” to you might translate to “massive bank account” or “living comfortably” or it might be “very busy” or “enjoying my service work.” Lightworkers tend to go more towards the things that don’t sound so concrete business-like, but I would encourage you to keep working with words, and relationships with terms, until you get comfortable with a broader range.

So for example, a friend is saying “Well how is it going? Have you picked up any new clients lately?” and you think the word “client” is a bad word, you will actually subconsciously block yourself from getting the opportunity to help more people. So in your mind’s eye, you can sort of switch it out in that moment. “Client” you might prefer “customer” or “those seeking healing” or whatever your term is, but ideally what you want to do is get your own subconscious mind as clear as possible so that you are not responding out of programming, and then all the words are either neutral or good.

Other examples of “success” that might be interchangeable would be “fame”. Now that is another one that is easily triggered in the subconscious, so it depends whether or not you have that “fame” energy or it scares you.

You might use “achievement”. You might try… well I am kind of polling the Lightworkers right now to see if I can find a suitable word that is more neutral for most of you. Actually, “successful” for most of you. You know, what is translating closest is “serving my purpose” or “being on the path,” “aligning with Divine will,” terms like that.

So find one, even if it is a phrase rather than a single word, or maybe you can go look up “success” in the thesaurus and find another word or idea that gives you more comfort. Keep playing with it because this is a time to be wildly successful. It is specifically for those who are aligning with their mission, for what they incarnated to do, or you may have several missions in your lifetime, so line up with what is the current one that corresponds to what is in need now.

Keep in mind that all of Creation works on supply and demand. So what is the supply or “what is in demand,” pardon me, “that I am able to supply?” or “if I can’t supply it now can I do it soon?” So, then, “what do I need to fill in the gap there?” So think in terms of supply and demand, and there are many ready for success.

As always, thank you and my love to you,

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon

(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

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