Terri Newlon's Beginning as a Metaphysical Channeler
Since childhood, Terri Newlon recognized energetic spirits outside the physical realm and lived in a world where the paranormal was normal. Early on she became acquainted with the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, and spent many happy hours being coached and groomed to serve as one of his main channels. Even simple childhood games that they played together served to impart profound life lessons.

Grade School Challenges
In grade school Terri became aware of her empathic capabilities. If a child seated next to her suffered from a headache or broken arm, she would feel their discomfort. At times it was hard for her to concentrate on her class work because she was busy "seeing" energy that was not visible to others. One day as she was staring out the classroom window watching how the electrical currents ran across the power poles, her teacher, who was standing right over her, could not get her attention. Terri's parents were contacted and urged to take Terri to a hospital for brainwave testing. The results revealed no problems whatsoever.

"The mind is less than 1% of your total consciousness. Give it only that much power. Endeavor to use the 99% of Magnificent Self." – Djwhal Khul

Terri Newlon's Work Today
Terri serves in multiple roles. As one of the world's main conscious voice channels for Djwhal Khul, Terri provides ongoing spiritual guidance to an extensive online community.

Terri has also trained hundreds of other metaphysical channelers and psychics over the years. Instructing them on how to turn on and off their abilities so they can live well-balanced lives, without neglecting their own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual requirements.

In addition, Terri is a skilled workshop leader, holistic consultant, lively public speaker and radio and television guest. She lives amongst the highly energetic mountains in Southern Arizona with her beloved adopted cats, Rainbow, RAWG (the reincarnation of ROQ), Miracle Panther and Hiroshi. She also has a rescued Pit Bull named Baby.

Biography of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
Djwhal Khul is known for his gentle, compassionate teachings through the centuries. He is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable of the Ascended Masters on the widest range of both esoteric topics and practical matters. In historical context, Confucius and Lao Tsu, the father of Taoism, were permutations of Master D.K. In biblical times, Djwhal Khul was Casper , one of the three wise men who sought the Christ child.

Previous Famous Channelers of Djwhal Khul
Having worked through numerous channels, including Madam H.P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, Djwhal Khul is well known to spiritual students around the world. Through Madam Blavatsky, in the late 1800s, his work, "The Secret Doctrine" transformed spiritual thought in its day. While living and teaching in Tibet during the first half of the 20th century, Djwhal Khul transferred his channeled teachings to the west through Alice Bailey. This information created a large body of spiritual resources still available today.

Djwhal Khul's Present Spiritual Teachings
Terri Newlon presents weekly tele-courses and monthly tele-seminars that are open to the public. VIP exclusive teachings are also provided which include at least 2 extra events per month. Djwhal Khul’s ongoing spirituality information and advice, relevant to current world happenings is geared toward each particular audience. To receive notices, sign up for the DK newsletter at the top of this page.

What is Conscious Voice Channeling?
A conscious voice channel is capable of sharing his or her body with an Ascended Master during the transmission of information from this higher source. Terri Newlon, serving as an accomplished voice channel, transmits Djwhal Khul's spiritual guidance with a noticeable voice change, while remaining neutral in the background.