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Suggestions for Support and Balance

Dear Ones,

We are in an intense Mercury retrograde until September 12. Pluto is also retrograde until September 14, at which time Mars will enter Scorpio. This is followed closely by a more difficult than usual Fall Equinox on September 22 – a time when brain chemistry can become imbalanced easily. The Moon will be full at that time, moving from ultra psychic Pisces to fiery Aries.

During this month, and through October at the very least, I suggest more activity than normal to work at remaining balanced and feeling supported in Spirit, with the Ascended Masters and Angelic Kingdom.

Anna Rita of Sonoran Light and Sedona Sacred Arts has graciously offered a discount to the DK group of 10% off any time.

I include my brief channeled description with my suggestions, and more information can be found about them at Sonoran Light 

For those who feel called to any of the following suggestions, these are special prices good through September 30, 2010 for the ones that I have hand picked:

Gem Essences – ½ ounce stock bottle – reg $13, special $11

  • Black Tourmaline – protection, eliminate darkness
  • Prasiolite – prosperity blessings, self expression
  • Blue/Green Tourmaline – wellness, anti-cancer
  • Kunzite – self love, loving others and life itself
  • Golden Topaz – soul mate attraction
  • Green Garnet – increase psychic abilities

If you have been awakening from sleep and seeing odd creatures or mechanical objects moving about in your room, you are most likely seeing into or being visited by inter-dimensional realms. These ‘things’ should be dismissed with love, saying “No thanks, I refuse to play”.

I would also suggest the following set of remedies to be used daily for 33 consecutive days:

  • Clearing and Restoration Blend – oral use – reg ½ oz for $17, special 1 oz for $18
  • Palo Santo (Holy Wood) Spray – space & aura use – reg 2 oz for $18, special $16
  • Complete Clear and Restore mp3 and transcript bundle – $26 (order online here)

For those of you going through or consciously choosing rapid transformation:

  • St. Germaine, Violet Fire Spray – space & aura use – reg 2 oz for $18, special $16


  • St. Germaine, Violet Fire Blend – oral use – reg 1 oz for $18, special $16

Last, but not least, for attuning to high frequencies and resonating with positive energy only, this combination is very effective:

  • The 12 Rays of Creation Blend – oral use – reg 1 oz for $22, special $18
  • White Light Spray – space & aura use – reg 2 oz for $18, special $16

Visit the Sonoran Light website or email Anna Rita at

The World Servers Long-Distance Broadcast participants continue to be nourished with energies every Tuesday as usual. I am also frequently sending additional support via broadcast nearly every day during this time period.

As always, I send my love to you. Please know that I am available whenever you call upon me. All of the Ascended Masters and Angels are here to serve you and support your personal and spiritual growth. We always respond when invoked.

Thank you,

Djwhal Khul

Channeled on 8/30/2010 through Rev. Terri Newlon

Spiritual Dating

I have remained single pretty much since my spiritual divorce in 1995. I had one boyfriend for a few months in 1999. I tried dating services, including eHarmony for a couple of years, and was terribly mismatched over and over again. There was one gentleman from eHarmony, who came to see me from Canada. We discovered that the chemistry wasn’t there after meeting in person. That was January of 2006.

Spiritual ladies and gents, I believe we are so different from mainstream that the classic styles of dating just don’t fit us. Even the old-fashioned set ups can be so awkward. Bars are out of the question for most of us. E-dating is like the personals used to be in the paper, but with photos and emails and time management issues. Ugh.

Here’s how it happened:

On one of my many busy weekend catch up days, with piles of “to do” on my desk, I stumbled upon on a Sunday afternoon. It was Sunday, January 25, to be precise. Within 2 days I had 7 or 8 interested guys (honestly, lost count and had to start printing their profiles and writing notes on them) and a first date on Wednesday with another first date on Saturday.

When we would get to the “let’s talk on the phone” stage, I would first send them a link to my website and ask if they were okay with what I did for a living. Ha ha! Some guys freaked when they saw my title, “Reverend”. Some dropped off the planet without another email. Still, more men followed until I finally made my profile invisible . . . see why later.

Now, I’ve already tried plenty of dating sites, and geez, I just don’t like the dating process. I am comfortable IN a relationship, but how does one get there without dating? I decided to just be brave and keep plodding along. I posted 4 photos of me, all smiling and recent pics, and boldly said I was a business owner looking for just the right man, and voila! I found him within the first week.

So many men, so little time:

Of course, I was enjoying the attention of several men, so I took my time. At least it seemed like I was taking my time. Within 2 weeks, I had it narrowed down to 2 most likely matches. Both of them were great and I was torn! On February 12, prospect number one and I met in person. He managed to squeeze in 2 more long distance dates by private aircraft before I could meet prospect number two in person on February 22. Hum. Nice radar. I didn’t tell them about each other, as I was waiting for the chemistry, or not.

While number two is a really wonderful guy, it turned out that he wasn’t the right match for me. I would gladly set him up with any of my girlfriends because he’s a great catch. Are you fishing? Let me know. Number two gave me the gift of realizing that I was ready for interdependence and really, really done with independence. Yes, I’m a strong woman, who can RV all by herself, fill the tires with air, pull a spark plug, etc, but I’m done with that phase. I clearly don’t need a partner. I want a partner with whom I can share life.

Mystical experiences:

While having get-to-know-each-other conversations with number two, something far more mystical was happening with number one that I just couldn’t ignore. I could hear him talking to me in the middle of the night. I could smell him from time to time during the day. We both pondered having met in this lifetime, but realized that we hadn’t and it must be past life familiarity. Then I had a couple of visions of his face in other incarnations. No other memories, just his face and surroundings.

We are now exclusively dating each other, and taking our time building the relationship. I’m convinced that Spiritually-based people, especially Clairsentients like me, need to spend the time building the friendship.

Modern long-distance dating:

I can’t imagine myself dating in the same style that I did in my teens, 20’s or even 30’s. There needs to be the magic of a Soul connection, the depth of past life familiarity, and well, video Skype sessions for just a minute or two several times per day. That’s how we are making the long distance thing work for now. We talk and see each other on Skype, we have cell phones with the same company so we get free minutes, and we send romantic emails and keep making plans for our next meeting. Wow! I’m happy!

Wasn’t too busy after all:

Oh, and our businesses are running along quite nicely. Why did I think I didn’t have time for this for so many years? Simply because I wasn’t ready until I had my big Five Oh and the epiphany about interdependence. He agrees that he wasn’t ready for me either until just recently. Finding each other – again with open hearts – it’s the best.

DK’s song in my head is currently “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours”!

What a Beginning in 2009

by Rev. Terri Newlon

I Am Writing This by Candle Light


Yes, I am writing this by candle light with as much as I can get done before the PC battery gives out. My entire neighborhood power is out for a few hours this evening. I’ve discovered I type much faster when I can see the keyboard, so we’ll see how this goes!


It’s just another Mercury Retrograde on Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox, and I’m plowing ahead as always. I am blessed with unstoppable, unshakable Spiritual Purpose. Some people say I work too hard. I say I am highly motivated and we are all in high gear getting ready for the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of the era beyond it. So much is happening that I wanted to give you an update.


2009 Started Off with a Set of Interesting Challenges


Many of you have known me for decades, or at least several years. You were used to the old Terri cranking out an hour long teaching every Wednesday, even on holidays and even when the Sedona wildfire was raging one mile from my home and evacuations were happening two houses over. You were also used to a once a month Saturday teaching that also went on for years. Some of you miss them, some of you are glad because you can now keep up with the teachings, and some of you haven’t commented either way. I would love to hear from you. Please comment right here on the blog, as that minimizes hours of labor for office assistance.


I want to let you know how I’ve changed, and why.


Last year finished with a hard core realization that my constantly serving others managed to get me in a bit of trouble with the IRS. I used to take 6 to 8 private sessions every weekday, crank out all those regular tele-courses, and run all the aspects of my business pretty much by myself. (The power just came back on for the second time this evening – let’s hope it stays.)


I thought I was doing a pretty good job. Then, I realized that I hadn’t watched my tax situation as closely as I could have – oops. My responsibility and I blew it. I bargained with IRS in what they call an Offer in Compromise which really translates to several months of time consuming gathering of tedious documentation, and paying lots of money for the special IRS representative that you really can’t live without. As they say, “I fought the law and the law won”… $32,000 to be exact. Ouch. Double, triple, super ouch.


The great news is the battle is over. During the process, my financial picture got much better. Oddly enough, I am working less. Don’t get me wrong, my work day today will be about 14 hours before I call it quits. I’m a natural work horse and I’m as happy as I can be Serving Humanity. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Uncle Richard was diagnosed with that nasty Asbestos Cancer, the one they nickname “Meso” that the conventional doctors say there’s no hope. That was last year. He went to the Bahamas for some hope and just returned this month. He is doing very well. Yeah!


Grandma, my last living grandparent, made her transition in mid-January. It was peaceful and she was surrounded by family. I’ve been in close contact with mother and had a lot of bonding time by telephone. I was unable to travel to Iowa for services, due to business demands.


My accounting and 1099’s are done. I am almost ready for the tax preparer and have my appointment time set. We’ll be all done and filed for 2008 in the first week of February. It feels good!


I was advised and therefore upgraded my business from an LLC to an S corporation. There are still requirements to meet, forms to file, numerous places to correct the corporation and banking information, and well, you get the picture. All this happens on a time table that keeps IRS, the State of Arizona Corporation Commission, my beloved accountant and tax ladies, very happy. And we must keep them very happy.


I have vowed to never again allow fiscal irresponsibility. I can’t! This work needs to get to Humanity on a large scale. Plus, that was an exhausting and expensive lesson, well learned, thank you. I rejoice at being on the other side of it, with the exception of one last detail, which is negotiating a payment plan in this economy. DK says “don’t worry” and deliberately leaves off the “be happy”. I love his sense of humor. You’ll understand why this is so funny a little later in this article.


Conclusion and the Next Projects


So, for all those who miss the old ways, now you have an explanation. I miss them too, yet I am happy that I have time to tend to necessary aspects of life and business without neglecting anything.


We have new products to launch, as soon as I can get the writing done. Wow, I am typing much faster now that there is light. Funny how light works that way. ;o)


Stay tuned to the email list for our newsletters, and you’ll find out what’s happening as fast as we can unfold the happening.


When the timing is right, Djwhal Khul already has the next big project in the works. It’s called Green Living Center, a non-profit organization. We are going to build an eco-friendly center that will be used as a spiritual retreat for gatherings, and so much more. We’ll be filing our form 1023 for non-profit status also at the beginning of February. How exciting! As usual, I expect the waters to part at just the precise time. I’m so used to DK and his grand sense of timing. I can’t wait to hear which popular song lyrics he’ll use to alert me that it is time to move forward with GLC.


Does he sometimes plant a song in your head?


The one I remember the most, best of all, was when the wildfires were burning and I was getting ready to RV around the country for the first time. I also was packing up the entire house and putting everything in storage. I was SO maxed out and I had no sense of humor left. I told DK I didn’t think he was funny anymore. As soon as I said that…


I turned on the radio, and a caller was making a request. It’s an oldie, and it is hilarious. “They’re coming to take me away, ha ha, hee hee… to the funny farm, you see.” Needless to say, I burst out laughing and my sense of humor was back. Later, during the RV trip while I was driving in the pouring rain and water was flooding the kitchen, the Minnie Winnie took an exit all by her self and the one and only thing there was a mini-mart gas station called “The Funny Farm”. Ha ha! Hee hee!


Next time a tune just won’t leave, smile and thank him.


With Love,

Terri Newlon