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Taxes, IRS and Spirituality

My background


I realized at age 22 that I was incarnate to serve Humanity, and specifically to be a voice channel for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul so that he could continue his teachings in the New Age, a term that “DK” coined through Alice A. Bailey which means the Aquarian Age.


At age 27 during my Saturn return birthday, I left a ladder-climbing middle management position with a nationwide land title company and became a full-time employee of a nonprofit organization called The Tibetan Foundation. I was officially out on a limb!


Later, I transitioned from being on a payroll to being a self-employed entrepreneur. It was a scary process with a huge learning curve. I now own a successful spiritually-based business that I lovingly refer to as woo-woo, not coo-coo.


I did not make time for business school. I just followed my heart as a dedicated being and found myself attracted to advice given in entrepreneurial circles, sold on the Internet and available in book stores. I literally grew my business from scratch and let it evolve based upon the natural law of supply and demand. Necessity was and still is my Mother of Invention.


There are so many World Servers who have their very huge hearts in all the right places. What we often don’t have are the business skills to manage a successful outreach of our work. I sure wish that spiritual business coaching had been available to me way back when. The concept of sales and marketing were a down right turn off to me as a Light Worker. But, I needed to pioneer a viable way of serving in this day and age, so I decided to reach beyond my comfort zone.


My Journey with the IRS


Issues with authority figures are common amongst Humanity and tax issues in particular go way back through several past incarnations. I feel my personal journey within the last few years has been one of clearing these authority and tax issues.


The combination of lack of proper advice, two illnesses that were life threatening and financially devastating, and being a relentlessly busy World Server, led to an interesting and enlightening journey with the Internal Revenue “Service”.


The IRS is called the Department of the Treasury, and is not part of the United States government. It is a branch of the Secret Service, which is also not part of our government. I say this as matter of fact common knowledge that anyone can look up. This is not a conspiracy theory, as I avoid those with a passion.


When I call the IRS for advice, the recording I hear while on hold says something to the effect that “We are not responsible for anything that might be said by an IRS representative”. Huh? Really?


The IRS works like the luck of the draw. I got a person with the last name of St. Germain and I thought “I am so lucky getting someone with the same name as the Ascended Master of the Seventh Ray Violet Transmuting Flame! How Khul!” All projections backfire sooner or later. It was later.


My Offer in Compromise to settle with them for an affordable portion of the debt was denied. It honestly should have been accepted as I was in dire straights at the time. After that exhausting experience, I decided to file an Appeal and begin another round of compliance with numerous requests for receipts, copies of tax returns, etc.


During the appeal process, fortunately, my business picked back up and I recovered my health. The Appeal was also denied and rightfully so this time, because of my economic upturn.


I do owe the debt. I have never disputed that and I will pay it back.


My Realizations and Resolutions


I know that I am here to Serve as many as possible in this crucial time period. It is time to get on with it, minus unnecessary distractions, therefore…


I have forgiven myself for neglecting paperwork and I now make time for it.

I have expanded my business and I now receive professional ongoing support.

I have forgiven the IRS and a certain representative.

I have accepted my inner authority and released my fears and projections.

I have committed to assisting other Light Workers in business.


No longer do I subscribe to the belief system that says “I could or should save money by doing this myself” if it means that it will cost me more in time or money.


I have realized that it is exponentially beneficial to pay for the wisdom of those who already possess business and tax knowledge and give sound guidance. I happily pay professional fees to those who are really good at what they do. This allows me to keep focused on what I love, my Service to Humanity.


Transformation has always been an inside job. ‘We the People’ have co-created and perpetuated our IRS reality. We will keep it until we no longer need the reflection it provides. I continue to work on my belief system, and I am so grateful that other Light Workers are doing the same. I trust we will co-create balance and peace.


Inspirations to share


The Universe’s buffet is always open. There are endless servings of support, love, courage, healing, good will, serenity, and… you name it! What we request, consciously and unconsciously, is exactly what is abundantly available.


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Oliver Wendell Holmes


With Love,

Terri Newlon

4 Responses to “Taxes, IRS and Spirituality”

  1. Cathie from NZ on 27 Jan 2009 at 2:47 pm #

    Very khul to see your new blog, Terri! I have long hoped you would do something like this. Congratulations on getting clear with the IRS. That must feel SO good. A great start to a very promising New Year.

  2. Deborah from Florida on 20 Mar 2009 at 3:55 pm #

    So happy to hear you have found yourself someone to be interdependent with! ( I love that word) Enjoy yourself, there is nothing that is as much fun as a new blossoming relationship!
    It appears your time has come…signed, sealed and delivered!
    Thanks for your commitment to all of us!
    You are greatly appreciated!
    I hope you keep us all posted. Wishing you the best!

  3. Kathleen boaz on 29 Mar 2009 at 9:39 pm #

    Terri, did I hear right? Did I read right? You have a boyfriend? (that’s what we used to call them.) After I picked myself off the floor I felt joy for you. The short time i spent with you in 06 I remember as luminous. You just sort of vibrated before me in undulating waves of light. Your outer beauty is as breathtaking as the inner and i bet you guys will undulate in luminous waves of light together! Enough already! I am happy for you.

    I am happy with the new structure in DK’s classes. I like that they come with relevancy to outer and inner goings on.

    I also have songs pop into my head for any given situation. After this weeks violet fire work with dumping “failure”, DK gave me “I jumped in to a burning ring of fire.” Much Love, K

  4. dorothy wolosoff on 10 May 2010 at 10:02 pm #

    Hello dear heart-how delicious to hear from you. I am so very thrilled that you have finally found your partner that you have long sought and have a new life in Patagonia–way cool! Please keep in touch from time to time, I don’t want to lose touch. It took me a while to figure out how to send this, I am still hopeless with technology! Cassi is almost 15 & a giant, 5’11” tall, still the heart of my heart. I am still single & make no efforts to change it; mostly don’t even think about it any more. My art is the thread that runs through my life now and gives me both fits & joy. I send much love to you, Dorothy

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