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Suggestions for Support and Balance

Dear Ones,

We are in an intense Mercury retrograde until September 12. Pluto is also retrograde until September 14, at which time Mars will enter Scorpio. This is followed closely by a more difficult than usual Fall Equinox on September 22 – a time when brain chemistry can become imbalanced easily. The Moon will be full at that time, moving from ultra psychic Pisces to fiery Aries.

During this month, and through October at the very least, I suggest more activity than normal to work at remaining balanced and feeling supported in Spirit, with the Ascended Masters and Angelic Kingdom.

Anna Rita of Sonoran Light and Sedona Sacred Arts has graciously offered a discount to the DK group of 10% off any time.

I include my brief channeled description with my suggestions, and more information can be found about them at Sonoran Light 

For those who feel called to any of the following suggestions, these are special prices good through September 30, 2010 for the ones that I have hand picked:

Gem Essences – ½ ounce stock bottle – reg $13, special $11

  • Black Tourmaline – protection, eliminate darkness
  • Prasiolite – prosperity blessings, self expression
  • Blue/Green Tourmaline – wellness, anti-cancer
  • Kunzite – self love, loving others and life itself
  • Golden Topaz – soul mate attraction
  • Green Garnet – increase psychic abilities

If you have been awakening from sleep and seeing odd creatures or mechanical objects moving about in your room, you are most likely seeing into or being visited by inter-dimensional realms. These ‘things’ should be dismissed with love, saying “No thanks, I refuse to play”.

I would also suggest the following set of remedies to be used daily for 33 consecutive days:

  • Clearing and Restoration Blend – oral use – reg ½ oz for $17, special 1 oz for $18
  • Palo Santo (Holy Wood) Spray – space & aura use – reg 2 oz for $18, special $16
  • Complete Clear and Restore mp3 and transcript bundle – $26 (order online here)

For those of you going through or consciously choosing rapid transformation:

  • St. Germaine, Violet Fire Spray – space & aura use – reg 2 oz for $18, special $16


  • St. Germaine, Violet Fire Blend – oral use – reg 1 oz for $18, special $16

Last, but not least, for attuning to high frequencies and resonating with positive energy only, this combination is very effective:

  • The 12 Rays of Creation Blend – oral use – reg 1 oz for $22, special $18
  • White Light Spray – space & aura use – reg 2 oz for $18, special $16

Visit the Sonoran Light website or email Anna Rita at

The World Servers Long-Distance Broadcast participants continue to be nourished with energies every Tuesday as usual. I am also frequently sending additional support via broadcast nearly every day during this time period.

As always, I send my love to you. Please know that I am available whenever you call upon me. All of the Ascended Masters and Angels are here to serve you and support your personal and spiritual growth. We always respond when invoked.

Thank you,

Djwhal Khul

Channeled on 8/30/2010 through Rev. Terri Newlon

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