DK adjusted the program to accommodate the Mayan calendar, solar flares, health and well-being, and financial wealth. Suggested Universal affirmations are:

"I choose safety for myself and all others around me at all times."
"My body is constantly adapting to cosmic changes."
"I choose wealth."
"All is well."
"Dear Subconscious, create healthy and wealthy. Thank you. I love you."

Feel free to add anything you like for your personal design!

You also receive a customized affirmation from DK each week by email. It is designed to enhance your awareness of Inner Plane teachings, link you with the rest of the group, and add depth to the integration of the Broadcast.

Intention of the World Servers Broadcast:

  • All levels of your presence and participation are invoked
  • Masters, Angels and High Vibrational Guides are invoked
  • Water prayer is encoded in all water molecules in and around the body
  • Psychic Protection is maintained
  • Central Channel is opened and filled with Divine Love
  • Telepathic abilities are enhanced
  • DK’s focus for the group for the week is read and synchronized
  • Infinity program extensive scanning and balancing of:
    • Aura
    • Body Systems
    • Brain Balance
    • Chakras
    • Emotions
    • Injuries
    • Meridians
    • Nutriopathy
    • Phobias
    • Risks
    • Sacred Geometry
    • Sensitivities
    • Solfeggio Tones
    • Spinal Energy
    • Spiritual Protection
    • Toxicity/Stress
  • 12 Ray Attunements and other essences by are broadcast
  • Healing Codes, Thought Field Therapy, Brain Sync audios and other tools are used
  • Radiation, toxins, fungus, parasites, viruses and bacterial frequencies are nullified
  • Core fear is cleared and replaced with Divine Love
  • Axiatonal alignment with grounding and centering
  • Enlightened DNA is activated
  • 24/7 general good mood, protection and other frequencies are broadcasted

Your name is kept in a Feng Shui envelope for luck, prosperity, opportunities and spiritual transformation.

DK monitors the group energy at all times and works with you on the Inner Planes. During the time between the regular broadcasts each Tuesday, DK adds specific frequencies such as clearing of negative energies, sending of positive energies and other specifics as determined by current World events and personal experiences of those receiving the broadcast.


Om Mani Padme Hum!

Om Mani Padme Hum!

Additional Features:

  • Jump in anytime!
  • You can gift friends and family, with their permission. Just enter their name in the comment box at check out.
  • Children under 18 are free. Include full name and birthdate in comment box or email us at
  • Add your significant other for half price as long as you are both receiving the broadcast and you have their conscious permission.
  • Full month paid is for 30 days. Billing will recur automatically every 30 days.
  • Jump out anytime. Please advise us 5 to 10 days before your recurring process date if you want to discontinue. If your broadcast has begun for your 30 day cycle, we will continue that broadcast and discontinue billing next month.  We have a no refunds, no exchanges policy.
  • Broadcast starts the following Tuesday after initial payment.  If you sign up on a Tuesday, you will receive your first broadcast one week later.

$45 per month on recurring billingMore about recurring billing Jump in or out anytime. Please advise us via email at Customer Service 5 to 10 days before your recurring process date if you want to discontinue. We have a no refunds, no exchanges policy. If you sign up at the introductory rate and discontinue the program, you can always sign back up at the regular price. Full month paid is for 30 days. Billing will recur automatically every 30 days.
(That is $11.25 per 2 hour broadcast!)
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Here is what people are saying...

Deborah Arthur – Sarasota, Florida, USA
During the broadcast, I was at my grandson's 8th birthday party. I must say that I was feeling a sense of Joy and was consciously sending out love to all those there. I am very optimistic about getting my mini books finished and yesterday started another one. Any sense of resistance is gone. I have now a feeling of excitement and know that all will flow with ease and grace. Love it. Thank you Terri and Joan.

Sally Hummel – Arlington, Texas, USA
What I noticed: I woke up the morning of the broadcast and had a back ache in the small of my back. It was not the usual place when my back will hurt. All day I lacked energy and was dragging, yet by 6:00, around the end of the broadcast my time, I was full of energy. I was also very grounded and centered and felt connected to Source (At this point in time it is the feeling I am always striving for and love when I reside in it.) I got things accomplished that I hadn't been able to do in about 3 weeks.

Anna Rita Raineri – Sedona, Arizona, USA
Early yesterday morning I went for a hike. I felt closer to the Devas, elementals and the Masters than ever before. I sat for a meditation overlooking Coffeepot rock. When I opened my eyes, a tiny little humming bird flew towards me then perched on a branch close by. Hummingbird is one of my totem animals and signifies high vibrational joy. Then a huge yellow and black butterfly flitted past me, which, to me is a hello from the Angelic Kingdom. All the colors and energies of the plants, animals and rock formations seemed enhanced.

At 1:00 I was lying down reading and about ready to drift off into a nap. Then I was buzzed by some energy and I got up and walked around. I started to read again
then nodded off into a deep sleep for an hour. I woke up hungry, which usually means I was being worked on, hence a protein drain.

I did a meditation later in the day and the verses to the Great Invocation came to mind. I recited several verses of it out loud.

The only dream I remember from last night is the one where I had an order for 1000 bottles of my brand new spray, White Light- Crystal and Aura clearing mist.

I feel very calm this morning with no worries and a feeling of being present, here, now.

Janet Hargus – Orcas Island, Washington, USA
I was very busy at the spa yesterday, yet I had a break around 1-2pm. I lay down on my massage table to just relax and rest. A sweet wave of calm came over me and my last few sessions were sweet. My sleep last night was deep and restful. Thank you so much and I look forward to being a part of this in the future.

Vicki Korpa – Medford, Oregon, USA
I did have a couple noticeable things happen. Around 1:15 I felt a surge of heat. I was making soap and had to get a fan. I forgot the broadcast was happening. It lasted intensely 'till about 3:15... easing slightly after that. I started typing the transcript... looked out the window to rest my eyes a moment and saw an ancient spirit face, partly of the mountaintop and partly of the clouds. He looked oriental! I bowed in reverence and thanked him for the acknowledgement of spiritual assistance. I was delighted! When I looked again, he was gone.

Dreams: Cannot remember the details. I have trouble sleeping as the full moon gets close. I did sleep through the night - was not as restless as usual. I feel very drawn to the Three Star One.

Shirley Mayes – Arlington, Texas, USA
I have been feeling overload this past week, always doing doing, not enough time to get things done. I felt a big release this morning and a clearing of old patterns that have kept me in that old way. I feel that I can say no and schedule in more time for myself. I feel more joy and peace.

Thanks so much for the broadcast.

Martha Lopez-Durkin – San Antonio, Texas, USA
Last night, instead of running myself ragged like I have been the past two weeks, I went to bed at a decent hour. All day I felt much calmer, and there were times when I noticed my aura being worked on and being balanced.

In the afternoon, when the actual broadcast took place, from 3-5:00 pm CT, again I was aware of my aura being worked on and energy moving around me. At times, I felt that I wasn't totally in my body because that part of me was in great joy and wanted to play. The other part needed to do time cards for the employees I supervise. I had to redo quite a few time cards because I was having a hard time staying focused, but I felt no frustration just peace and joy. Feelings of peace, joy and calm remained, and they're still with me. The feeling of being overwhelmed has left me. Now if I can just hold onto this feeling... :-)

Much love and appreciation to you and Joan, DK, and the masters and angels for such a wonderful gift.