Adam Kadmon – Refers to the body style of Humans on Earth, containing a rare and much sought after combination of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies in one embodiment. Other incarnates elsewhere in the Universe have 3 or 4 of our 5 qualities.

Angelic Invocation (Channeled by Djwhal Khul through Rev. Terri Newlon on December 19, 2007, "Angelic Invocation" full teaching available on audio and transcript) On behalf of Humanity, in conjunction with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Office of the Christ, and the Planetary Logos, we hereby invoke the presence of the Angelic Realm on Earth as it is in Heaven, specifically at the ratio of twenty angels per human.  We also hereby invoke the presence of the Angelic Kingdom for the other kingdoms upon the planet, namely the Animal, Plant, and Mineral Kingdoms, at the ratio of ten angels per embodied animal, plant or mineral.

We hereby invoke the visibility of all angelic presence to be seen as well as heard and felt by all life forms, human, animal, plant and mineral, upon the planet Earth, now.

Ascended Master – One who has achieved Enlightenment through a series of physical incarnations (lifetimes).

Chakra – An energy center or wheel inside the body, according to Eastern philosophy of Sanskrit origin. The body has seven main chakras, and several secondary and auxiliary chakras. The main chakras or chakra column, depict energy entering at the top of the head (crown chakra) and exiting at the base of the torso (root chakra).

Channeling, Conscious – The art of connecting to a higher consciousness, and in some cases the wisdom of the inner self, and allowing that level of consciousness to flow through the “channel” or chakra column. Literally connected to “hallowed be thy name” in that one becomes hollow, or a conduit for Spirit. This can manifest as voice channeling, inspiration or ideas, singing, painting, writing or other art forms, getting “God-bumps” in a holy place, exceptional athletic or emergency abilities, or intuition (knowingness without knowledge). Everything in Creation has this ability, and the skill can be developed in such a way that is turned on and off at Will. One is aware or conscious of the material coming through them, thus requiring that the conscious mind be disciplined. Belief systems must be cleared on an ongoing basis by the Channel in order to remain a clear conduit. This is the preferred style of channeling in the Aquarian Age.

Channeling, Trance – See Channeling, Conscious, and add this information - One who is in a trance state (such as Edgar Cayce) and does not recall or is not aware of the information as it is coming through them. Sometimes they leave their body, and return when the other being is done. While the conscious mind does not need to be disciplined in this style of channeling, the subconscious mind does collect the excess data and can not process it. Most trance channels have exhausted their bodies within a 10 year period, and their heart muscle gives out. This is considered to be the Piscean Age style, and less preferred due to possible complications of the health.

Christed Light, Gold or Cosmic – All purpose Healing Light, vibrationally attuned for our Universe.

Christed Light , White – All purpose Healing Light, vibrationally attuned for our Earth.

Clairaudient – The ability to hear beyond what is considered to be ordinary capacity.

Clairsentient – The ability to feel beyond what is considered to be ordinary capacity.

Clairvoyant – The ability to see beyond what is considered to be ordinary capacity.

Divine Love – Transcends Earthly forms of love, and most certainly dysfunctional love. It is the lesson being learned by all those incarnate in our Universe. It is sometimes referred to as the theme of our Universe, with the themes of our sister Universes being Will and Wisdom. (See also Three Star One.)

Djwhal Khul – Pronounced “Do-all Cool”. Ascended Master in the Second (Blue, Love-Wisdom and Teaching) Ray Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Also known as “The Tibetan”. Known to Madam Blavatsky and The Theosophical Society as one who studied with El Morya and Kuthumi in Tibet. Creator of the extensive library of The Alice A. Bailey teachings, published by the Lucis Trust Foundation. “DK” was also incarnate as Confucius, and created the I-Ching. Most recently, he created the 12 Ray Attunements, positive aspect only, through Rev. Terri Newlon, who mentored under Janet McClure and has channeled DK since 1980.

DK Group – Refers to all those who enjoy the teachings of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, either in their wakened state or in their sleep state, which is sometimes referred to as night school or inner planes teachings. This is estimated to be a very large number of Spiritual Students and Colleagues.

El Morya – Ascended Master in the First (Red, Divine Will) Ray Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy. El Morya was incarnate with DK and KH (Kuthumi) in Tibet and met Madam (H.P.) Blavatsky of The Theosophical Society when she traveled to that region.

Empath – One who is clairsentient, and often also clairvoyant and clairaudient. An empath can feel into any other consciousness, such as another person, an animal, a tree, or even an inanimate object. This ability should be reserved for consciously requested healing purposes only, and never for psychic spying or any other form of invasion of privacy.

Great Invocation – The third draft of an invocation from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, through Alice A. Bailey in 1945. Truly a classic World Prayer or Mantra. More recently made gender neutral in this adapted version:

THE GREAT INVOCATION (adapted version)

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into human hearts.
May the Coming One return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide all little human wills -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the human race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Helios – Logos or Being that ensouls our Sun.

Hilarion – Ascended Master in the Fifth (Orange, Science and Divine Place Clarified) Ray Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Jesus – Ascended Master in the Sixth (Indigo, Devotion, Religion, World and Family) Ray Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Sometimes referred to as “Sananda” in the Mystery School teachings. Mystery School teachings believe that Jesus was over-lighted by The Christ (Lord Maitreya) during his incarnation and at the time of his crucifixion.

Kuthumi – Pronounced “Koo-Too-Me”. Ascended Master in the Second (Blue, Love-Wisdom and Teaching) Ray Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Know to Madam Blavatsky as one of Djwhal Khul’s teachers in Tibet. Kuthumi, El Morya and Djwhal Khul are also said to have incarnated as The Three Wise Men.

Melchizadek – Logos or Being that ensouls the Universe.

Metaphysical – Meta or beyond; and Physics or the science that deals with energy, matter, motion or force. Literal translation is beyond known science.

Metatron – Logos or Being that ensouls our Galaxy.

Monad – The higher self of the personality is the Soul. The higher self of the Soul is the Monad. In the esoteric teachings, the Godhead created Monad as a unit representing the totality of Creation, whole and complete. The Monad then created 12 Souls to gather experiences. Each of the Souls then duplicated that creation, making 12 personalities. Each Monad therefore ideally has 144 extensions, some incarnate and some not. The processes of Mastery and Ascension involve developing the personalities so that they Soul Merge. Souls then continue to evolve into Monadic Merge, pulling up the extensions or reabsorbing them into Oneness. One may invoke their Soul and Monadic presences to assist at any time.

Mission or Purpose - In addition to The Tibetan’s philosophy that “The Purpose of All Life is Happiness”, each individual consciousness has one or more lessons or agreed upon services to perform in each lifetime.

Mother Earth – A living, breathing Being with full sentient (feeling) powers, much like any other Being in Creation, except in a heavenly or celestial body rather than Human or other life form.

New Age – A term coined by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, when he was delivering telepathic communications to Alice A. Bailey, who’s work is published by the Lucis Trust Foundation. It simply refers to the Age of Aquarius, as he was working in the time period of the Age of Pisces. It is not a religion or a spiritual practice.

Office of the Christ – A post or title that is occupied by an Ascended Master known as Lord Maitreya. This is sometimes seen as a bridge between Christianity and Buddhism, or Eastern and Western religions.

Oneness – Realization that all of Creation is made in the image of the Creator, and therefore is One or Whole. Also refers to a state of being which lacks separation.

Paul the Venetian – Ascended Master in the Fourth (Green, Harmony through Unity, Healing and the Arts) Ray Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Purpose or Mission – In addition to The Tibetan’s philosophy that “The Purpose of All Life is Happiness”, each individual consciousness has one or more lessons or agreed upon services to perform in each lifetime.

Sanat Kumara – Logos or Being that ensouls our Mother Earth.

Separation – Mind perceived state of consciousness that is contrary to True Creation, which can never be separate. See Oneness.

Serapis Bay – Ascended Master in the Third (Yellow, Divine Intelligence, Teaching and Healing) Ray Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Spiritual Hierarchy – A group of Enlightened Beings, divided into Seven Departments that reflect the Spiritual Government or the “as above, so below” concept. The Spiritual Hierarchy, and the Office of the Christ, reflect Humanity at its fullest potential. They work in a Holy Trinity with Sanat Kumara for the good of all.

Spirituality – Awareness of Oneness that is deeper than a religious or spiritual practice.

St. Germaine – Ascended Master in the Seventh (Violet, Transformation and Divine Manifestation) Ray Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Three Star One –Refers to the Holy Trinity, or literally The Mother of Creation. Djwhal Khul describes this Great Being as the Logos or One who ensouls what is known as our Universe, and our two sister Universes (reference to photons or light of other Universes he believes have been photographed by our space telescopes).  Three Star One Invocation.  Spirituality Article "Communing with the Three Star One". New Vibrational Elixir audio download and phone recording or transcript.

12 Rays – The way in which Creation is defined in the vibrational sense. Sound has color, color has vibration, and each is specific to its purpose.

In the year 2005, Djwhal Khul, also known as The Tibetan, began a new area of Service to Light Workers. He began working with the POSITIVE ASPECT ONLY of each of the RAYS OF CREATION. The delivery of this body of work is considered to be perhaps his best yet, including the Alice A. Bailey material and the I-Ching. It took the entire year to complete.

These attunements became so popular, that not all requests were able to be filled during the time frame that DK set forth. The Rays were originally delivered to a CORE GROUP OF STUDENTS, offering just ONE RAY PER MONTH in a strategic sequence.

Here is the information that DK channeled about the Rays:

Each Ray of Creation contains the Holy Trinity in some form. Rays, 1 through 7, and the Higher Rays, 8 through 12, each contain a positive, neutral and negative quality with the vibration of their color.

These Ray Attunements eliminate the vibrational resonance of the neutral and negative qualities, leaving only the positive aspect available for use by the Incarnate Soul.

The four bodies, then, begin to radiate this POSITIVE ONLY QUALITY on the Earth Plane, making it MORE AVAILABLE TO HUMANITY.

This is the original sequence, and the suggested way of proceeding if you are new to these attunements:

4th Ray ~ Green ~ Harmony | 1st Ray ~ Red ~ Divine Will | 7th Ray ~ Violet ~ Divine Manifestation | 9th Ray ~ Blue-Green ~ Exquisite Joy | 12th Ray ~ Gold ~ Inner Wisdom | 6th Ray ~ Indigo ~ Devotion | 11th Ray ~ Pink-Orange ~ Universal Knowledge | 2nd Ray ~ Blue ~ Love-Wisdom | 3rd Ray ~ Yellow ~ Divine Intelligence | 5th Ray ~ Orange ~ Divine Place Clarified | 8th Ray ~ Green-Violet ~ Purify and Manifest | 10th Ray ~ Pearlescent Pink-White ~ Prepare Humanity for Soul Merge

DK originally suggested a minimum of 3 days integration time, with each attunement having an affirmation. One can proceed through the entire sequence uninterrupted, or jump about using discretion.