Private sessions are by telephone appointment only, and are channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon. Terri is world renown, and has voice channeled Djwhal Khul since 1980. The sessions are deep, direct, and designed for those who appreciate personal growth and spiritual development.

All sessions, like all of Djwhal Khul’s teachings, are direct and to the point with specific information designed to help you become more educated, more empowered, more in tune with your higher self and inner powers, and more discerning.

Private session times are $90 for 15 minutes. Those who  prepare their questions ahead of time generally find this to be ample time. If you prefer to book two consecutive sessions, it is $180 for 30 minutes. Special arrangements can be made for longer sessions of 40 minutes at $6 per minute if time permits.

  • 1. How to Prepare for a Session

    Please prepare ahead and you will have a very productive session. Ask specific, pointed questions with pertinent set up, and be ready for an answer. Ascended Masters don't tell us what we WANT to hear, they tell us exactly the way they see it from the Spiritual Plane of consciousness. If you want to hear only what you prefer to hear, please do not schedule a session. Djwhal Khul does not stroke your Ego.

    Have specific questions ready and written out so you can read them from your list. You will most likely get spacey during the session, so at least an outline is suggested. You may also want a kitchen timer handy to help you keep track of the time and stay within your budget.

    Example of a specific question: "Bob is my relationship partner, and we are discussing a long term commitment. I am hesitant, and I can't figure out why." VS. "What can you tell me about Bob?"

    The latter question will take several minutes while Djwhal Khul searches your Akashic Records, your Emotional Body, and your Soul for how many "Bob's" you know and which one you are talking about. Most likely, Djwhal Khul will just ask you to be more specific with your question, and that will be wasted time in your session.

    Frivolous questions, such as "What are the winning lottery numbers?" will not be entertained. This is a working session for Personal Growth and Spiritual Growth purposes.

    Questions about others that invade their privacy are not allowed, and you would want the same, wouldn't you?

    Parents checking on minors, caretakers checking on loved ones, and those with verbal or written permission from clients, significant others, adult children, etc., are okay.

    Psychic or Spiritual "spying" requests will never be indulged.

  • 2. Available Times are Announced by Email Only

    Our e-newsletter (sign up at the top of any page of this website) is the only way to find out about available time slots. Instructions will be given in the announcement. Terri does not schedule her own appointments or answer inquiries.

    We do not wait list or make other special arrangements to contact individuals when time slots become available.

  • 3. Scheduling Procedures and Time Zones

    All sessions are scheduled in Pacific Time. To confirm the accurate time to call from your time zone, you can check It is your responsibility to properly calculate the time difference. We will not assume this responsibility for you.

    Once you have the correct time zone difference calculated, we suggest you us your cell phone, the scrolling TV Guide on your television, or an computer clock to determine the exact time to call in (within 2 minutes either direction). Most household clocks and watches are incorrect as much as 6 to 8 minutes.

  • 4. Payment Options

    Prepay by credit or debit card, given over the phone to our Customer Service representative at the time of scheduling.

    There are no refunds, no exchanges, and no cancellations. Please make sure you want this appointment and plan on keeping it.

    Rescheduling fee is $50 with 24 hour minimum advance notice (1 full business day), if other time slots are still available within 90 days from the date on which you are attempting to reschedule. Our offices are closed on nights and weekends.

    Missed appointments are no refunds and no exchanges, because we have spent the administrative time, the channel has reserved time for you, and someone else was denied a time slot.

    You will be emailed a complimentary MP3 download of your session, usually within a few minutes after the session ends. Please check your junk and spam folders for this email, as the download expires in 30 days.

    For an additional fee at the time you schedule, we'll put the recording of your session on a CD disc, formatted to play in any stereo or computer, with a DK label. Your disc will be shipped within 5 business days by US first class postal mail.

    Outside the USA , there is an additional charge for postage and we can not guarantee that the disc will clear your customs agency. The customs form will show the value of the item as the raw cost of materials, and not the value of the session, which is a service.

    If you have ordered a CD and your recording does not turn out due to a technical difficulty, we will promptly refund the amount you paid for the CD disc service. This does not apply to the complimentary MP3 recording you receive by email.

  • 5. Instructions at Appointment Time

    Once you have scheduled and prepaid, you will be asked to CONFIRM RECEIPT of full instructions sent by email that give you the precise information for your appointment time.

    Plan on calling Terri at the number you are given, at the scheduled start time. This will be a USA phone number. Please call from a quiet, private place, using a land line or good quality phone. VOIP calls may not be clear, and require lag time between sentences; therefore we do not recommend VOIP. No calls with loud background noises or from public places.

    If you call from a noisy public place, your session will be terminated and you will not receive a refund or an exchange. Terri is highly sensitive and will be tuning into your body and your environment. She can not channel with background environments that are chaotic, especially airports, restaurants, commuter trains, hospitals, and the like. The occasional dog bark or landscaping sounds are generally okay. A refused session due to the background distractions is at the sole discretion of Terri Newlon.

  • 6. More Instructions, which will be in your Confirmation Email

    Terri will greet you briefly and then begin the session. There are no "pre-session" questions or other use of phone time, other than to clarify the possible amount of minutes over that can be allotted on this call. This usually takes about 1 minute to get started.

    Maximum session times vary and can be up to 45 minutes, depending upon other sessions that are already scheduled.

    Session start time begins when the channeling begins, and a timer is started. You may also use a timer or clock at your location to keep track of the timing, especially if you are on a budget. The MP3 download that you will most likely receive of your session (by email) will also show the number of minutes of the exact session time.

    You have 1 calendar month from the date of the session to download your audio recording before it is permanently delete from our server. There are no other options of receiving a recording.

    If you do not have a computer, have only dial up speed, or otherwise have difficulty with the download of a private session, we suggest that you ask a computer savvy friend or relative to help you.

    PLEASE TAKE NOTES, as there are RARE cases in which a recording doesn't take due to a power surge or other phenomenon outside our control.

    Depending up Terri's location and phone accommodations, you may receive only Djwhal Khul's voice on the recording.

    We can not guarantee that you will receive a recording of your session. Please take notes.



Necessary Legal disclosure:
For entertainment purposes only.

Spiritually Preferred disclosure:
Please always use your own discernment in every aspect of your life.  Trust your inner wisdom to give your that instinctual “yum or yuk” response, and then listen to it.

Life is never about listening to what guides say, and giving your power away.  The journey begins and ends with the Self, and is always about the Self.  We know that the answers are within, and respect that sometimes a little external gathering of information can be helpful.

When gathering any information for educational, entertainment, or other purposes, you are always responsible for your interpretation of the information gathered, and for your own decisions, whether they are based upon the information gathered or not.

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