These calls can be enjoyed live by telephone, if you are able. You also receive the ability to dial in for 1 month and listen by telephone afterward. You also receive an MP3 audio (download to your default program Windows Media Player on PC or iTunes on MAC). No need to be on the live call!

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Strategically Timed Tele-Seminars

Upcoming TeleSeminars, based on DK's quarterly forecast
Live call times will be the current time in Los Angeles, California (Pacific Time). Visit www.time.gov for accurate time in the USA or www.worldtimeserver.com to calculate time difference from other countries.   

03-18-2020 “See All Sides of the Story (through DK’s eyes)”
03-25-2020 “Saturn in Aquarius Energy”

04-01-2020 "Kindness Expansion"
04-08-2020 "Full Moon of the Christ"
04-15-2020 "Christed Living"
04-22-2020 "Mother Earth 2020"
04-29-2020 "Pluto Retrograde and Humanity"

05-06-2020 "Wesak Full Moon"
05-13-2020 "Saturn, Venus and Jupiter Retrogrades"
05-20-2020 "Memories to Make"
05-27-2020 "Love Offerings"

06-03-2020 "Full Moon of Humanity"
06-10-2020 "2020 ~ 3rd Quarter Forecast by DK"
06-17-2020 "Mercury Retrograde in Cancer"
06-24-2020 "Neptune Retrograde in Psy Pi"

Three Sacred Moons of 2020, all live calls start at 10 am Pacific (Los Angeles) time:

04-08-2020 “Full Moon of the Christ”
05-06-2020 “Wesak Full Moon”
06-03-2020 “Full Moon of Humanity”

NOTE: There are 4 calls EVERY month for those who are signed up for the CEP all calls program. The CEP calls are not open to the general public.  The cost is only $50 per month. Each call includes live telephone, call in later and listen for 30 days, audio download - all automatically delivered to your email inbox. Build your spiritual library of teachings!

Automatically get call-in codes for ALL live calls
and telephone recordings, with mp3 audio by email – includes at least 4 calls per month and special updates from Djwhal Khul at no additional charge - $50 USD monthly on curring billingMore about recurring billing Jump in or out anytime. Please advise us via email at Customer Service 5 to 10 days before your recurring process date if you want to discontinue. We have a no refunds, no exchanges policy. If you sign up at the introductory rate and discontinue the program, you can always sign back up at the regular price. Full month paid is for 30 days. Billing will recur automatically every 30 days.

CEP ALL live calls and telephone recordings, with MP3 audio, by email – includes at least 4 calls per month for $50 USD monthly on recurring billing*
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Customer Service is not available to assist you with requests just prior to a Live Event. Our offices are closed nights and weekends. We rely upon our automated system to keep our costs so reasonable.  Please print and save your download information in a safe place.