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Here is what people are saying…

Deborah Arthur – Sarasota, Florida, USA
During the broadcast, I was at my grandson's 8th birthday party. I must say that I was feeling a sense of Joy and was consciously sending out love to all those there. I am very optimistic about getting my mini books finished and yesterday started another one. Any sense of resistance is gone. I have now a feeling of excitement and know that all will flow with ease and grace. Love it. Thank you Terri and Joan.

Sally Hummel – Arlington, Texas, USA
What I noticed: I woke up the morning of the broadcast and had a back ache in the small of my back. It was not the usual place when my back will hurt. All day I lacked energy and was dragging, yet by 6:00, around the end of the broadcast my time, I was full of energy. I was also very grounded and centered and felt connected to Source (At this point in time it is the feeling I am always striving for and love when I reside in it.) I got things accomplished that I hadn't been able to do in about 3 weeks.

Anna Rita Raineri – Sedona, Arizona, USA
Early yesterday morning I went for a hike. I felt closer to the Devas, elementals and the Masters than ever before. I sat for a meditation overlooking Coffeepot rock. When I opened my eyes, a tiny little humming bird flew towards me then perched on a branch close by. Hummingbird is one of my totem animals and signifies high vibrational joy. Then a huge yellow and black butterfly flitted past me, which, to me is a hello from the Angelic Kingdom. All the colors and energies of the plants, animals and rock formations seemed enhanced.

At 1:00 I was lying down reading and about ready to drift off into a nap. Then I was buzzed by some energy and I got up and walked around. I started to read again
then nodded off into a deep sleep for an hour. I woke up hungry, which usually means I was being worked on, hence a protein drain.

I did a meditation later in the day and the verses to the Great Invocation came to mind. I recited several verses of it out loud.

The only dream I remember from last night is the one where I had an order for 1000 bottles of my brand new spray, White Light- Crystal and Aura clearing mist.

I feel very calm this morning with no worries and a feeling of being present, here, now.

Janet Hargus – Orcas Island, Washington, USA
I was very busy at the spa yesterday, yet I had a break around 1-2pm. I lay down on my massage table to just relax and rest. A sweet wave of calm came over me and my last few sessions were sweet. My sleep last night was deep and restful. Thank you so much and I look forward to being a part of this in the future.

Vicki Korpa – Medford, Oregon, USA
I did have a couple noticeable things happen. Around 1:15 I felt a surge of heat. I was making soap and had to get a fan. I forgot the broadcast was happening. It lasted intensely 'till about 3:15... easing slightly after that. I started typing the transcript... looked out the window to rest my eyes a moment and saw an ancient spirit face, partly of the mountaintop and partly of the clouds. He looked oriental! I bowed in reverence and thanked him for the acknowledgement of spiritual assistance. I was delighted! When I looked again, he was gone.

Dreams: Cannot remember the details. I have trouble sleeping as the full moon gets close. I did sleep through the night - was not as restless as usual. I feel very drawn to the Three Star One.

Shirley Mayes – Arlington, Texas, USA
I have been feeling overload this past week, always doing doing, not enough time to get things done. I felt a big release this morning and a clearing of old patterns that have kept me in that old way. I feel that I can say no and schedule in more time for myself. I feel more joy and peace.

Thanks so much for the broadcast.

Martha Lopez-Durkin – San Antonio, Texas, USA
Last night, instead of running myself ragged like I have been the past two weeks, I went to bed at a decent hour. All day I felt much calmer, and there were times when I noticed my aura being worked on and being balanced.

In the afternoon, when the actual broadcast took place, from 3-5:00 pm CT, again I was aware of my aura being worked on and energy moving around me. At times, I felt that I wasn't totally in my body because that part of me was in great joy and wanted to play. The other part needed to do time cards for the employees I supervise. I had to redo quite a few time cards because I was having a hard time staying focused, but I felt no frustration just peace and joy. Feelings of peace, joy and calm remained, and they're still with me. The feeling of being overwhelmed has left me. Now if I can just hold onto this feeling... :-)

Much love and appreciation to you and Joan, DK, and the masters and angels for such a wonderful gift.