Esoteric Wesak 2016 in Santa Barbara, California, USA

With Djwhal Khul channeled by world renowned Rev. Terri Newlon (channeling DK since 1980)

Register early to secure your participation in this rare event.

Esoteric Wesak Ceremony & Inner Journey - $20 per person
Friday, April 22 – 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm - Sold Out - check out our Facebook Group for info for 2017

To be held in a 250 million year old Himalayan Salt Cave under the streets of Santa Barbara, California. Handicap access by ramp.

This evening is Djwhal Khul’s classic channeled experience of journeying to Shamballa and the Valley of Wesak to go before the Three Great Ones and receive blessing and guidance for the next year of service. It is considered the most sacred pilgrimage and holiest day of the year for world servers.

Esoteric Wesak Accelerated Growth - $100 per person
Saturday, April 23 – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm - Sold Out - check out our Facebook Group for info for 2017

(Limited to 14 persons, each receive a complimentary 20 minute Life Vessel break out session)

Location: Life Vessel Santa Barbara, 3015 State Street, Suite A, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
LVSB is Djwhal Khul’s method of choice for light workers to balance service

This intimately personal day will contain channeled messages from Djwhal Khul, exercises for your next level of spiritual development, and knowledge for balancing and maintaining your entire being (body, emotion, mind, spirit). The setting is exclusive to support your ongoing healing process and accelerate your spiritual growth. There will be opportunities to ask questions. There are also other support systems at Life Vessel that you may want to schedule. Please visit or call 1 (805) 898-2211 or email:

Preferred lodging for Saturday’s participants, approximately 0.3 miles from event location:
Lemon Tree Inn, 2819 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA
Email or call 1 (805) 687-6444 or toll-free (800) 536-6764

NOTE: This is not a networking, sales or vendor event. This is a sacred event for participants to receive direct guidance from Djwhal Khul and other Masters. Please leave your business hat at home. Specifically, do not bring items to promote or sell services or products. Honor the sacred space within self and within others.