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6/4/14 "2014 ~ 3rd Quarter Forecast"
More Info2014 ~ 3rd Quarter Forecast Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 6/4/14 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Nearly day by day forecast with helpful hints; Several sign changes this quarter and how they affect us; How best to handle communications and when it is most important; Holidays and how family and relationships are affected; Special numeric days and the 9-11 anniversary; Next Blood Moon starts to build at Rosh Hashanah.

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4/28/14 "Pots of Gold are Mine"
More InfoPots of Gold are Mine Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 4/28/14 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Updates on eclipses and how they are affecting Light Workers and Humanity; Bringing any moment in time into the present moment; The keyword is expansion while everything appears to be contracting; Writing the pros and cons of wealth, clearing negative thoughts; Invoking Alazaro, Jupiter and other expansive energies; Leaping forward, harvesting gold coins, good karma, cash and more; Teaching the consciousness to manifest outside any limitations; Reeling in the rainbow and embracing the pot of cash, gold, etcetera; Feng Shui cures for the money corner, money tree, coins, etcetera; 'I am willing to receive and expand now'; Intention for coming Wesak 'Growth, with grace and ease, please'.

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4/14/14 "Full Moon of the Christ 2014"
More InfoFull Moon of the Christ 2014 Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 4/14/14 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Comments on Mars and Moon rising and timing for this event; See Mars as pink and the Moon as orange to soften the energies; Channeling White and Gold Christed Light effortlessly sending to All; Release conflict between religions and mis-control of finances; Request protection for the people of Israel (all of Humanity); From the Mind of Creation to All of Creation, Let there be only Love; Three 3rd Eye centers and Heart center projecting Christed Light; I am Christed Consciousness; Hope, power, and light; Be a Christed Sacred Space moving about the planet; Pyramid image for filtering Christ Light to all sentient beings.

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3/28/14 "Completion"
More InfoCompletion Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 3/28/14 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Each Monad creates 12 Souls, which then each create 12 extensions or personalities; The personality most working toward advancement and Soul Merge gets the attention of the Monad; Physical experience of Monadic anchoring, tipping the karma scale, creating good karma going forward; There are those who will hold on during this turbulent time and those who will transition into Spirit; Blue Pearl or Blue Light meditation is the Monad contacting you by floating toward the 3rd eye; DNA, RNA and hormone receptor sites change, diet and postures change, left shoulder blade tension; Major joints modify, rib cage symptoms, restless legs, hormone imbalances and cancer affected; Monad is no longer attached to personality or emotional charges, flow with the changes; 'Full Monadic presence, please transfer all knowledge into this incarnation'.

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2/28/14 "Losar Tibetan New Year of Wood Horse"
More InfoLosar Tibetan New Year of Wood Horse Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 2/28/14 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Invoking energies of Buddha who was born in the year of Horse, Horse, Snow Lion and Alazaro; Making wide pathways in the home for Jupiter, Wheel of Fortune going direct on 3-6-2014; Importance of colloidal silver for pathogens and seaweed for radiation, use of MicroLux for ozone & more; Request to 'nullify all toxins' and 'nullify all radiation'; The 5 Rites of Rejuvenation and using spinning 3, 5, 7 up to 33 times (from Peter Kelder's original book); 'I invoke deep mystical powers' with feelings in hands, then head, then directed at will, allow spontaneous; Tibetan way of working with 3 blowing breaths on image of self or DNA of self or others; Correct thinking now of 'what is wrong' to 'how can I change this?' and not indulging in negativity; 3 word statements, 6 total, to leap forward - playing leap frog energetically and physically: I choose prosperity. I choose wealth. I choose savings. I choose abundance. I choose expansion. I choose fortune.

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2/14/14 "Love Eternal"
More InfoLove Eternal Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 2/14/14 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Current magnetics on Earth, Sun and Solar system and their effects; Wearing the self-love badge on the sleeve and radiating love through face, eyes and smile; Energy work starting with soles of feet ending with brain, sub-atomic high vibration of love; Comments on supplements, Vitamin C and MSM, digestive & proteolytic enzymes and electrolytes; Shouldering and hipping responsibilities and how to let go of excess weight; Brain bridge accelerating masculine and feminine power and balance; Eye exercise in mirror, R to R then L to L, 'I love you. I love myself through eternity.'

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1/30/14 "Chinese New Year of Wood/Green Horse"
More InfoChinese New Year of Wood/Green Horse Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 1/30/14 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Pot of gold within self to Higher self via Rainbow Bridge and violet flame; Wood is grow, expand, build, balance, overcome obstacles, renew, rebirth, reinvent; Fire element burns even stronger this year; Reminder for seaweed and sea salt/baking soda to remove radiation; Tap Away Pain exercises, expanded short version with specific clearings; I choose prosperity and well-being now. I make room for more health, wealth and wisdom now.; Marching and skiing exercises with 'my support system is back' fire energy; I trust. I love. I AM.
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1/10/14 "Sirius Knowledge"
More InfoSirius Knowledge Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 1/10/14 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

3rd eye and brain tune-ups, Light Workers developing chakra of Age of Capricorn ahead of time; Core and limbs affected differently when soul traveling, humans and animals; Water at bedside and absorbing knowledge gathered through the night, caution on bubbles and negativity; 'I receive the wisdom of Creation' and 'I receive the healing of Creation'; Merkabah vehicle journey to Sirius, Arcturus and Pleiades; Various topics available with descriptions of the courses and curriculums:
    • Angelic Crossover
    • Physical Laws Transcended, includes Medical
    • Levitation
    • Telepathy
    • Mind Control and Construct
    • Creation Construct/Co-Creation
    • Emotional Control and Construct, working with Humanity
    • Group Healing, includes thought control and etheric surgery
    • Miracles and Gifting, working with Humanity
    • Thought Forms, Create and Clear
    • Being a Logos
    • Attraction/Magnetics
    • Power v. Force, scientific and electronic inventions
    • Feminine Essence
    • Language of Light, in depth study, retention of symbols, OM
    • Teleportation

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