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12/5/18 "2019 ~ 1st Quarter Forecast by DK"
More Info2019 ~ 1st Quarter Forecast by DK Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Year of ‘Alignment with Higher Good’; 3 supermoons building on each other; Personal and planetary finances affected by Uranus; Get busy in the Year of the Earth Pig.

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3/22/18 "Full Moon of Christ"
More InfoFull Moon of Christ Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Download of Christed Light = full potential of humanity; Christed robe aura and shepard's staff energy; Lord Maitreya, Kuthumi, Three Star One and Venus; Serapis Bey, El Morya, Sacred heart and other energies; Leave past behind, move forward, chamber exercise; Work of Byron Katie, let go of what you think you need; 3rd eye full moon or globe of light such as a moonstone; Electrical surges and shocks, effect on vagus nerve and brain; Delivering Christed Light to earth and all kingdoms.

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3/20/18 "Spring Equinox 2018"
More InfoSpring Equinox 2018 Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Fountain of Youth inside shooting upwards frequently; 'My intention is highest good. I choose growth.'; Working with earth, sun and moon to stabilize them; Physical/emotional and mental/spiritual challenges; Clear all fear, fill with love; love is absence of fear; Deficiencies: micro-minerals, iron, magnesium, vitamins; Taking prebiotics for humans and animal companions; Bone strengthening, tuning fork vibration, solid moving forward; 'If there were no boundaries, what would it/I be like?'; 'What is possible and positive?' leaping forward confidently; Use of foreign language and music for brain improvement; Square dancing for brain balance, other patterned movements.

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8/2/17 "Uranus Retro in Aries"
More InfoUranus Retro in Aries Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Running all colors of gold through body to accelerate healing; 'All surprises work in my favor'; Cosmic astrological influences, heat, inflammation, challenges; Governments & corporations, decision makers changing; Stay active, keep shifting on a dime, clear body of congestion; What if worse case scenarios used to clear fear & prevent; Pull plugs on solar plexus for emotions, root chakra for survival; Glamour, drama & disaster levels on rise, choose intensity level; Feed the positive, dispel the fear, for self and all others; DIY tools for ongoing clearing and maintenance; Pattern removal for fear programming in humanity; Peace mandala created and placed on solar plexus.

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7/20/17 "Mars in Leo"
More InfoMars in Leo Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 7/20/17 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

USA health care issues, fires, battlefield ether feeling; Glamour aspects, recognition, status, beauty gone too far; President Trump and other world leaders on glamour & war; Survival root chakra stimulation for about 2 months now; Protective egg around aura, filled with white, shiny or cloaked; Protective natural scents, cinnamon, clary sage, rosemary; Angelic healing team with Ascended Masters and others; Washington DC, Vatican, Kremlin, Middle East, Beijing; Korea North & South, India, Pakistan, Middle East 2nd location; North pole discharge, recharge, pulse patterns; South pole discharge, feet to pole, discharge, recharge; Global wrap at equator, then exploring longitude & latitude.

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7/7/17 "Moon’s Esoteric Benefits"
More InfoMoon's Esoteric Benefits Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 7/7/17 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Eclipses solar and lunar - portal, transition, gateway
Blue Moons, New Moons - birth, bury the past, emerge
Full moons by month in opposite side of zodiac
Moon changes every 2 to 3 days classic/esoteric/shaman use:
Aries - fire, starter, energy / power / triumph
Taurus - earth, beauty, finances / bullish / tenacity
Gemini - air, division, variety / spectrum / balance
Cancer - water, feelings, family / embrace / contain
Leo - fire, romance, self / transformation / unity
Virgo - earth, schedules, tidiness / sequence / order
Libra - air, balance, home / justice / time travel
Scorpio - water, healing, depth / speed / erase
Sagittarius - fire, target, wisdom / precision / formless
Capricorn - earth, organize, accomplish / produce / evolve
Aquarius - air, change, freedom / excellence / unique
Pisces - water, psychic, spiritual / fluid / victory

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5/31/17 "Holy Words"
More InfoHoly Words Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 5/31/17 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Beacon of Light evoking sacred service within humanity; See-saw of peace and despair with despair eliminated; Bodhisattva vow until the end of all suffering, nirvana to all sentient beings; Vowel sounds are holy; A, E, I, O, U; Melchizadek, Nek Hak Nol, God, Allah, Creator, Ra, Om Shanti; Christos, Yahweh, Om Aum and Ong, Vishnu, Elohim, Yod Hay Vod Hay; Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary, Avalokitesvara, Holy, His Holiness; Ah Hum - Inbreath on Ah, outbreath on hum - expansion of holiness; Repetition of chants and invocations, 3 times, 33 times and 108 times; Blue Pearl meditation, 12 architypes repeated throughout Creation; Love is the absence of fear, light is the absence of darkness; 'I choose awakening. I release despair. Peace is realized.'.

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5/10/17 "Wesak 2017 – Begin Again"
More InfoWesak 2017 - Begin Again Downloadable PDF. $10. Channeled on 5/10/17 through Rev. Terri Newlon.

Content Notes:

Fly high service path and spiritual development cycle; Everything is contained within, awaken deepest power; Ignite cosmic flame, activate magenta color; True sound with power, throat chakra change; Internal journey of Shamballa, Wesak, Planetary Logos, Christ & Buddha; Divine blueprint ideal state of physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies; Mental body and brain changes, more focused cycle starting, atomic movement; Emotional feet of consciousness coming up to heart chakra; Solar plexus optimization, hidden power unleased.

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